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One of the most important factors in the success of your conference is the motivational speaker you choose.

If your audience is involved with anything to do with productivity and efficiency (and most are!) – then you’ll have delighted audiences when you bring in motivational speaker¬†Robyn Pearce¬†to help your people.

Robyn’s practical message and empathy with her audience connects your people to their own issues – and shows them how to win their time challenges! Her “Getting A Grip On Time” message is exactly what your people need to get past the stress, clutter and pressure of daily work. It gives them a lift; it shows them simple alternatives. Like so much wisdom, it’s so easy to see and apply once it’s pointed out. And yet – people at all levels forget to take the time to seek out these great strategies.

And of course she does thorough pre-event research and customises the programme for your company, products and situation.

Robyn is recognised world-wide as one of the top experts in the field of Time Management.

Her dynamic, customised and compelling presentations involve the audience and engage their imagination. Give her people who seek to regain control of their lives and you’ll have audiences who walk away excited and motivated to change.

As well as over twenty one years specialising in the business of productivity and working with clients across the globe, she speaks from her experiences as a mother of six children who spent some years on social welfare after a marriage breakup, then a top selling but burnt-out real estate agent. (And those children have taken seriously the injunction to ‘go forth and multiply’ – there are now 15 grandchildren who fill every ‘spare’ minute.)

She’s made all the mistakes in the book – and survived! No other person can bring Robyn’s industry experience, knowledge, passion and unique and compelling stories to your conference room.
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Speaking Topics

(Titles can be modified to be congruent with the theme of your event)

Getting A Grip On Time

Discover the best of the best from around the world in time management knowledge and research. Give your colleagues the chance to learn, laugh and be revitalised with a fresh perspective on how they can be more productive, have less stress, make more money, and spend more time with the activities and people they love to be with.

People have many diverse views and experiences of time management.

Many say, ‘Oh, I could do with some help in that area – but I can’t afford the time!’ It should be commonsense, but many people struggle with the way they use their time. It’s rarely taught in school or university (apart from brief mentions in tutorials on how to study). And yet the way we use our time, deal with our time challenges, focus, prioritise, plan, delegate and communicate is critical to success in all areas of our life.
The only thing consistent in life is that, from beneficiary to CEO, from shop-girl to supermodel, we all have the same 24 hours in a day. The major quality that separates outstandingly successful and happy people from stressed and struggling souls is the way they make choices in life – hour by hour and day by day.

Robyn Pearce has been down the road of stress, burnout and exhaustion. For years she struggled with her own time habits. The good news is – she won. Since 1992, as a keynote speaker, trainer and author she has shared her experiences and knowledge with thousands of clients in five continents.

Robyn presents her material with a unique blend of commonsense, humour, and practical illustrations, gleaned from both her personal experiences and those of her clients.
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From Gumboots to the Boardroom

Robyn shares her journey from the years as a librarian, then raising 6 children on an isolated sheep-station in Northland, New Zealand, through welfare aid as a solo mother, part-time government-assisted work, to top-selling real estate agent. She then became a business owner and since 1992 has set up a speaking and training business in two countries, starting each time from scratch, with an entertaining variety of ‘learning experiences’. As her reputation as an eminently practical and easy-to-listen-to speaker on time management-related matters has spread, it has led her to the boardrooms and conference centres of five countries.

She will delight your audience with her practical and humorous journey.


How to be a ‘Clutter Buster’… win the war with your desk and paper

Ever felt stressed and overwhelmed by the volume of paper on your desk and the information you have to process? Are you convinced the stuff breeds the minute your back is turned? Ever given an embarrassed laugh and said to a visitor, ‘Sorry about my office – it’s not usually like this!’? Or taken them into the boardroom because you couldn’t squeeze them round the piles of clutter parked on every spare chair?

Help is here. Have fun with Robyn, finding lighthearted but very practical solutions to one of the most common workplace challenges.
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Tap Dancing with Time Wasters

This is a very powerful and practical session – you’ll get the chance to solve your specific problems. In today’s flat-out busy world we rarely take time to discuss and brainstorm solutions to everyday time-stealers. In fact, the majority of the answers are always within the minds and experience of the group. What is needed is the opportunity for discussion and an experienced external facilitator with the knowledge to fill in the gaps.

Some of the topics generally selected by the audience include how to run an effective meeting; how to use the company intra-net more effectively; better delegation; what systems can be improved in the company, and how.


24 Hours IS Enough!

A provocative look at the prevalent beliefs around time, and the thorny topic of work/home/family balance. This speech is designed for the groups who already have a good working knowledge of the principles of time management, and want to dig deeper into the vital subject of how we use our time, and the choices we make in life.

How often do you hear people say “If only I had more hours in the day’, or ‘There’s never enough time to do everything’? Do you want more effective workers? Less stressed employees? Where does quality of life and quality of output fit in? And this elusive goal called Balance – how can we achieve it?

How can we stretch time, get back the weekends, and have more quality time with the ones we love, as well as be more effective at work?

We predict that the ripple effects of peoples’ slowly awakening awareness will profoundly change the way business is done – within the next 10 – 20 years.


Training Topics

Many of our training programmes can be excerpted to provide a powerful keynote speech or conference workshop. Contact us if you feel one of these topics might fit your needs more appropriately than the titles listed above.
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Client Testimonials

Catalyst For Efficiency ImprovementsIt was great to introduce our two job-share receptionists to Robyn’s Getting a Grip on The Paper War text.  It became a catalyst for us to improve our administration proce..." Marie Collins, Business Manager, The NZ Institute of Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery

Enhanced Efficiency Thank you for all the tips and words of advice you and your team have sent through.I have been constantly reading it and it does wonders to my line of work and also being a wife and mot..." Anaseini Liku, Communication & Media Coordinator, Ministry of Education, Cook Islands

Clear Directions Enhance Use Of TimeI have just finished reading 'Getting a Grip on Time' and 'Getting a Grip on the Paper War'.  Particularly your book on 'Time' got me back on track, and during the day I catc..." Ingrid Geerlings, Owner, www.houseofmilk.com

Leadership Book Helps To find the Real Me‘I’ve just been reading ‘Getting a grip on Leadership’.  It is very good and has had an impact on me.  I realised I’d lost my way a bit re who I am ..." Heather Millar, Manager, Professional Practice, Central North Island Kindergarten Association, New Zealand

Additional $120,000 Billed After Time Management CourseI have personally known Robyn Pearce for around 16 years. From time to time my firm has contracted Robyn on a project basis to work with our professional staff as well as partners in the fi..." John Hackett, Partner, A J Park, New Zealand

The Librarian Who Got Her Life Back!The kick-start that I needed was delivered by a velvet glove, but make no mistake the iron hand within the glove ensured that the message was received and understood. If you are going to spend some..." Heather Jenks, Associate University Librarian (Research and Learning Services), University of Canterbury

Increasing Personal Confidence And Job ManagementHaving worked already very successfully with our NZ Team, Robyn's support of the Australian Team over a 12-month period was fundamental to helping us cope with increased day to day workload - espec..." Julia Braun, General Manager - Marketing, Beiersdorf Australia

A Great Empathy And Affinity With PeopleI have used Robyn as an Executive Coach for key Senior Staff for a number of years now and couldn't recommend her more highly. I've found as people step up in the organisation they often struggle t..." Merilyn Havler, Then General Manager, Beiersdorf New Zealand

An Increase of 30% In Gross Turnover Due To Better SystemsWhen we reviewed the progress made as a result of your concepts, a staggering number of them had become an integral part of our day to day business, collectively making a huge difference to our eff..." Wayne & Lisa Hughes, Occupational Therapy Helping Children, NSW, Australia

Motivational And Thought Provoking SessionI'd like to highlight the benefits felt both by the staff members attending your sessions, and the motivational flow-on effects experienced throughout the Hotel.In the developmental sta..." Human Resources Manager, Wentworth Hotel (part of the Rydges chain)

Successful Paper Management Seminar Thank you for your interesting and indeed challenging speech. I could see all the people who've ..." Australian Institute of Credit Managers, Sydney Branch

Personalised Seminar For Long-term Results On behalf of the team at Strategic Lifestyle Management and our client Lend Lease I would..." SLM Conference and Incentive Manager, for client Lend Lease

Excellent Skilful Presenter "Thank you for the practical and informative Time Management seminar you recently gave to our senior m..." HR Manager, ANA Hotel, Sydney

Improve Your Organisation And Productivity The response to the program was extremely positive, with an average rating of 4.4 out of ..." Noel Cook, GM, Outdoor Network, Australia

Organisational Skills Improve To Lift Productivity Your time management seminars are one of the best things we've ever done. Weeks l..." Centrelink, Dubbo, New South Wales

Productivity Increased 50% Now several months later and my productivity has increased between 30% and 50%. I'm seeing more and bette..." Senior financial planner, IPAC, Australia

Timesaving Techniques Learned A wonderful surprise to learn how much I had improved since the first programme with you nine months a..." National Sales Manager, Personal Insurance, GIO Australia

Control Gained In Managing Time Feedback from the staff was very positive... all felt they had gained a great deal of control and di..." MD, C.Y. O'Connor College of TAFE, Northam, WA

Immediate Action For Change A lot of great new ideas and some very good new tools that I shall start implementing immediately. Group Services Trainer, Adecco

Increased Efficiency Saves 20-25 Minutes A Day "Many practical hints which helped me reorganise my office, to operate efficiently." ..." Senior Partner, Baldwins (Patent Attorneys)

Invaluable Resources In Time Management Books I would like to take this opportunity to commend you on the flexibility of your approach, and..." Human Resources Manager, Professional Services Review, Canberra

Self Management Crucial In Time Management You presented a most informative and challenging training session. Your ability to gain q..." Human Resources Manager, Independent Pricing & Regulatory Tribunal of NSW

'Time Management Guru'! Once again you combine an enthusiastic presentation style with useful tips and techniques. Succinct and fun ..." Manager - Training & Development, Real Estate Institute of NSW

Beneficial Time Management Ideas Your presentation was brilliant, and your thoughts on how to make time management beneficial to eve..." Barbara McCarthy, President, Chatswood Chamber of Commerce, Sydney

Informative And Energising Speech We could not have chosen better. Your contribution was just what we wanted and needed, and I was t..." Raewyn James, Tamaki Teachers' Conference

Positive Feedback For Speech Robyn, you gave a fantastic speech, and I am still having positive feedback about your talk to this day..." Sales and Marketing Co-ordinator, Swiss Grand Hotel, Bondi, and co-ordinator of Eastern Suburbs Women's Breakfast

Work Life Balance Put Into Practice I know everyone who attended was fascinated by all your planning tips and I know many have put t..." Solo Home Business Network, Sydney

IT Company Gains Insight Into Effective Time Management We were very impressed... everyone gained considerable insight to effective ..." MD, IT software company, Auckland

Professional Approach Reinforces Time Management Principles Following a number of very positive reference checks we invited Robyn Pe..." Godfrey Pembroke National Conference, Hobart, Tasmania

Staff Queue For Time Management Tips! "Thank you! I'm sure you could tell from everyone's enthusiasm that they enjoyed your presenta..." Programme Director, Pioneer SWAP

Specific Personalised Advice Benefits Group Robyn gave much more than the professional information imparted in this kind of session...." Principal Heritage Officer, Heritage Council NSW

They're 'screaming for more'! Thanks for your wonderful presentation. I've had a lot of positive feedback from our staff, and they c..." GM's assistant, Austereo, Australia

L.J. Hooker Predicts Great Success In Using Their Time Your down-to-earth common sense certainly hit home to a lot of people, and the feedba..." Lyn McDermott, Ass. Director, Marketing and Communication, L.J. Hooker Ltd

5 Stars For Time Management Course Robyn, in light of this morning's session (and comments about short emails!) I could leave it the..." Wilf Marley, Principal, Marley Loft Systems (Accountants)

Simple Practical Action Steps For Work Life Balance We've had great feedback since your last session with the NZ Institute of Charte..." Denise Bovaird, Past President, New Zealand Institute of Chartered Accountants

Improved Focus And Concentration After Time Management Course Since your time management course our managers have found that they ca..." John Moore, Then-HR Manager, International Cricket Council, Dubai

Jam-packed Personalised Seminar Very Effective   Robyn spoke to four of my Academy groups in the space of 11 days. I wa..." Barrie Barrett, Chairman, Academy for Chief Executives, United Kingdom

Awesome says Law Clerk, Bell Gully I just thought I'd spend a few minutes in the Proactive/Value-adding quadrant and let you know ho..." Law Clerk, Bell Gully, New Zealand

Excellent 'Management' Course, As Well As 'Time Management' I would like to extend a huge thank you for making your valuable time av..." David Greenslade, Managing Director, Strategi, New Zealand

We've Regained 30% Of The Time We Used to Lose! Since we worked with Robyn 5 months ago our team of 12 underwriters and support staf..." Senior Underwriter, QBE Insurance, New Zealand

Fantastic Course - Team Feedback Extremely Positive! Thanks very much for the Time Management programme you have conducted over the ..." Gareth McCulloch, National Sales Manager, Southern Hospitality Limited

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