How To Plan Your Time Study Course – Special Offer

How To Plan Your Time

  • Are you struggling with overwhelm, too much to do, and not enough time or resources?

  • Do you wish for better work/family balance?

  • Are you drowning in emails, paperwork and information?

If so, our 9 week online study course could be just what you need!

The How to Plan Your Time Study Course will help you uncover the secrets of mastering your time challenges! By changing only a few things you’ll notice the difference instantly.

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Course Content:

Each of the nine lessons in this course focuses on one key topic. You will be given a small number of practical techniques and exercises to work on. Extra optional questions are designed to help you internalise the new knowledge.

If you wonder ‘have I time to fit this in?’ the next question is, ‘can I afford not to do it?

Lesson 1
How to spend time on the things that REALLY matter - The BIG Picture
  • The importance of goal setting
  • The power of a polite ‘No'
  • Lesson 2
    The Power of Clear Decisions - Goalsetting made easy
  • The power of a clear decision
  • How to set easy, achievable goals
  • What to do with your list of goals
  • Lesson 3
    Is your time spent in Urgent or Important activities?
  • The speed of change, and a sense of urgency
  • Do we need to live this way?
  • Lesson 4
    Where do we spend our time?
  • To fix something, first we have to measure it - a simple way to analyse our regular activities
  • Lesson 5
    In Order To Go Faster, First We Must Go Slower
  • To become more conscious and deliberate with our long-term proactive behaviour
  • Lesson 6
    Turn your diary or organiser into a planning tool
  • Choose an organiser/diary to suit your needs
  • Block out your year (where possible)
  • Make weekly planning easy
  • Lesson 7
    A Simple Way To Turn Your ‘To-Do’ List Into A Powerful Daily Planning System
  • How to make daily planning simple
  • When it doesn’t seem to work
  • The best time of day to plan
  • Once the habit becomes intuitive
  • Lesson 8
    Tips & Techniques for Efficiency
  • The never-ending journey of ‘best practice'
  • How to find better ways to do things
  • An efficiency ‘experience' to stimulate your thinking
  • Lesson 9
    Sanity Gaps
  • Are we really short of time? I don’t believe so
  • Society has the speed wobbles
  • A summary of time-stretching strategies
  • Language and how to use it to stretch your time

    Get the Special Limited Time Offer:  ONLY $95  (you save over 50%)

    Lesson Format & Time Required

    • Lessons are text-based and sent every Tuesday to your Inbox. You will receive a quick prompt each Friday, relating to whatever activity I’ve suggested for the week.
    • Each lesson is designed as an independent module. It will take only a few minutes to read each lesson, and most weeks (except for Lesson 2), if you do all the exercises, the extra time you’ll want to commit would be no more than 20 minutes per week. Plus you have the convenience of doing the lessons at a time that suits you!
    • If you’re not already, we’ll also enrol you in our very popular and useful Top Time Tips e-zine – a short monthly productivity tip to help keep you focused. You can unsubscribe from it at any time, with the quick click of a button, if you find you don’t need that extra level of help.

    If you seriously commit to action in areas in which you’ve previously been weak, we can promise you amazing results.

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    How to Plan Your Time Study Course

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    “I thank you for producing such a great product. I’ve read oodles of time management books and done the courses, but never have the time to go back to my desk and put the theory into practice. The ‘one lesson at a time’ approach is perfect”.

    Adrienne von Tunzelmann
    Principal, McKinlay Douglas & former President, Tauranga Chamber of Commerce