GettingAGrip will teach you how to achieve more in less time using time management skills, goal setting and delegation and so create work life balance.

Do you want to free up more hours in your day? I guarantee I can help.

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Robyn Pearce
The Time Management Queen

In today’s busy world full of overwhelm, what makes successful people achieve so much?

What makes a happy successful person? What makes others look enviously at them thinking How on earth do they achieve so much?

The way successful people choose to spend their time is different.

Time Management • Delegation • Goal Setting • Work Life Balance

When your life utilises all four elements, the people you work and live with will start to find you remarkable, and so will you. They will see you achieve, and so will you. They’ll enjoy being part of your successful life, and so will you.

The techniques you will learn to help you achieve more in less time will become your unfair business and life skill advantage.

Time Management

There are only 5 basic skills that you need to learn in order to grasp the fundamentals of time management. I can teach these to you within an hour. Our challenge together is to make new skills become habits for your lifetime.


Whether at home with your family or at work, sharing tasks is a key skill to help you achieve more with less time. But delegation is not easy – done well you will build a team who are prepared to help and celebrate achievement together. Done badly, and you will become swamped. Learn the skills of effective delegation with my help.

Goal Setting

Defining a purposeful direction for your life can be framed as goal setting. When we pursue a clear objective we feel more satisfied and have a greater sense of achievement. So in addition to focusing our work activities, having a clear destination for our effort brings huge rewards.

Work Life Balance

The nirvana of all the time management training we do at GettingAGrip enables our clients to get to a place where their whole life is harmonious. The balance of effort and reward between our working and home lives gives us more motivation and will help you reduce stress and enjoy your life to the full.

These are the four essential elements of successful people living busy lives.

Robyn has got all the tools, tips and tutorials you need to develop the skills to run your successful life.

“We’ve Regained 30% Of The Time We Used to Lose!”

Since we worked with Robyn our team of 12 underwriters and support staff have improved our effectiveness significantly. Amongst other things, we’ve regained about 30% of the time we used to lose searching for lost files.

This amounts to a saving of at least an hour a week per person without including the value of other work we are now freed up to do.

Well worthwhile in terms of productivity gains and there’s also the non quantified savings on “stress and frustration” as well.

Senior Underwriter QBE Insurance New Zealand

Are you ready to learn Effective Time Management?

Time Management

I feel that I never have enough time and get frustrated by not finishing my task list. Learn more...



I know I should do this but it is easier to do it myself. My staff mess things up too often so I don't trust them. Learn more...


Goal Setting

I do have goals but find that handling the urgent day to day things distracts me form reworking on my goal delivery. Learn more...


Work Life Balance

My partner would love me to spend less time in the business but I haven't yet worked out how to do this without losing control. Learn more...

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